Taste of Mykonos belongs to the entire Mykonian Community.
Initiated by the Mykonos Gastronomy Club, Taste of Mykonos serves to promote local products.
The Tyrovolia Tribute: May 3 – 5, 2019

The Mykonos Gastronomy Club, with “Taste of Mykonos”, made its first tribute to a Mykonian cheese, Kopanisti, in October 2014. Kopanisti, was showcased in a series of events that have left their mark, both at home and internationally.

The Gastronomy Club of Mykonos, in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos and KDEPPAM, has organized a 3-day tribute, beginning May 3, 2019, dedicated to the evolution of Tyrovolia, one of the most important and emblematic cheeses on the island.

Local collectives, amateur and professional cooks, restaurateurs, hoteliers and food producers, offer even more local flavour to Mykonos.

The 3-day event, from May 3rd to the 5th, is under the auspices of the Municipality of Mykonos. The Tyrovolia tribute welcomes chefs, journalists, and bloggers on the island, to visit production and catering venues, tastings, in order to acquaint them and appreciate the evolution of this cheese.

Traditional and modern dishes will be prepared, highlighting some the potential of Tyrovolia.

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